Authority of the Resource - Effective Communication of Leave No Trace

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This 3-hour interactive presentation and discussion will focus on the key elements of Leave No Trace and the Authority of the Resource Technique, a way to share Leave No Trace information with others that is quick, effective, and highlights the importance of the outdoor ethic. This workshop is specifically designed for agency employees, park and public land partners, friends’ groups, volunteers, outdoor professionals, and other educators who educate the public and will be tailored to both trail and river/riverside settings. Topics include: • Steps of the Recreation Experience: Understanding the various stages of a visitor’s recreation experience, and where in that process a visitor may be when encountered, can help best frame the conversation from a perspective that is both empathetic and most meaningful. • Effective Communication: What we say is as important as how we say it and effective communication is key to breaking down barriers to opposition and providing a space for visitors to feel receptive to our message. • Authority of the Resource: This technique, pioneered by Dr. George Wallace, routinely serves as a proven method of changing visitor behavior through deemphasizing regulation in favor of education about the natural world. This technique is widely used by federal, state and local land managers as well as volunteer stewards around the world. This training utilizes the "Train-the-Trainer" format and involves general Leave No Trace techniques, ethics, and how to effectively disseminate Leave No Trace information to users. The Trainer will use interactive activities, demonstrations, and media to facilitate the learning process and allow everyone to be active in the training.
Vancouver, WA
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Learning Outcomes
• Understand various stages of a recreation experience
• How to most effectively communicate the Leave No Trace message
• Learn “authority of the resource” technique
Ben Lawhon with Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
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