Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Permanent Power

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How We Use Space Is Changing
An explosion of technology is changing the ways people work and use space. WiFi and cellphones have blurred the line of where people connect—outside, inside—it doesn’t matter. And, whether it’s charging a tablet or powering an outdoor event, bringing technology to outdoor spaces has become a challenge for facility managers in a variety of markets. Property owners want to maximize their real estate investment by increasing the value of their outdoor spaces while keeping their businesses running smoothly and their employees, tenants, and customers happy.

Outdoor Workspaces
Employers and employees expect more from their work spaces—increased productivity, empowerment, control, convenience, safety and efficiency are in high demand. As technology continues to evolve, workplaces are expanding beyond the four walls of an office. Employees are looking for new and alternative workspaces to inspire creativity, encourage collaboration, and promote social engagement, and this includes taking their work to outdoor spaces.

Outdoor workspaces can be attractive and functional yet flexible to accommodate future technologies and provide operational efficiencies. Outdoor workspaces can be designed to foster face-to-face interactions while supporting the demand for connectivity.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Explain how mobile technology is changing the way people work and use space
2. Discuss how access to permanent power outdoors encourages social engagement and promotes the health/well-being of employees/visitors to spaces away from the main building
3. Describe the operation of mobile device charging stations and identify their features and accessory options
4. Demonstrate the functionality of an outdoor ground box, including its ability to provide year round access to permanent, safe electrical power while blending into the landscape
5. Compare the safety and reliability of customary methods of providing access to power outdoors to that of today’s offerings
6. Summarize the electrical code and general construction requirements relevant to permanent outdoor power products
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