Mad. Sq. Hort Symposium – Planting the Future: Urban Trees

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In celebration of their recent Tree Conservation Plan, Madison Square Park Conservancy is inviting scholars, horticulturalists, and scientists to lead a public conversation that seeks to drive sustainable solutions to global issues. Experts from Harvard University, Cornell University, and the Natural Areas Conservancy will explore the history and development of urban planning in relation to trees. National Geographic photographers will share images and stories of trees around the world. There will also be an opportunity to be part of the conversation as experts from NYC Parks, Greenwood Cemetery and the American Society of Landscape Architects discuss what can be done to provide a bright future for urban trees. A tour of Madison Square Park will follow, led by a Mad. Sq. Park gardener, and will shed light on the conservancy’s efforts to plan for the future of the canopy.

The role of trees in urban environments has shifted to the forefront of many people’s thinking in the horticulture world. As populations in cities grow, the amount of trees required to clean city air also increases. Growing trees in cities presents a myriad of issues. Only a select number of trees are adapted to tolerate the conditions and space to plant new trees is limited. Through tree succession plans, and a commitment to planting trees as well as maintaining them, parks, gardens and public projects are grappling with these issues. What can we do to share our cities with more trees? What can be done in cities to combat climate change that affects us all on local and global level?
New York, NY
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1)Identify best practices and recognize environmental factors for the design and planting of trees in urban environments.
2. Describe the ways in which landscape architects and horticulturists are planning and sustaining young and mature trees in urban environments.
3. Analyze the history and development of urban planning in the context of trees and the urban canopy.
Sonja Dümpelmann, Diane Cook, Len Jenshel, Nina Bassuk
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