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Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. The ability to communicate your ideas persuasively is the single greatest skill you can learn to succeed in a globally competitive world. Through stories, videos and case examples, this program offers an actionable, step-by-step method anyone can adopt to create and deliver inspiring presentations that are engaging, persuasive and memorable. Key topics include: creating presentation headlines, utilizing the rule of three, creating jaw-dropping moments, building multisensory experiences, applying storytelling methods, making data instantly memorable, delivering authentic presentations with confidence, creating a message map that sells your story on one page; learning practice methods for seamless and confident delivery.
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Understand the three unbreakable laws of communication that will make your next presentation engaging, attractive and actionable.

Learn how to develop a signature story that’s core to your brand identity.

Identify the most effective types of stories to connect with your audience.

Learn body language and vocal delivery techniques that will help you present authentically and confidently.

Build a message map to pitch your idea in as little as 15 seconds (elevator pitch), or create the outline for a longer, well-crafted presentation.

Explore methods for how to make data instantly memorable.
Carmine Gallo
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