Understanding and Designing Audio for the Landscape

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Outdoor living spaces have become a central part of the overall residential living space. Today clients are looking for all the comforts they enjoy indoors, outdoors. In the past, if audio was introduced into the landscape it was either a portable device or small speakers mounted visibly to the home’s soffits. As Outdoor living spaces have evolved over time so has the design and technology of outdoor audio. There is a lot to take into account when designing the perfect outdoor audio oasis. Understanding how the client uses the space, type of music they enjoy, hardscapes, softscapes, retaining walls, etc. all play into creating the best designed listening environment. Weather your client is looking for surround sound for movie night, quiet background music or concert level sound it can be created by combining the right technology (speaker, amplifier, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) into your landscape plan. A well designed audio plan in conjunction with the landscape plan is critical for your client; don’t let it be an afterthought. An outdoor audio system is the icing on the cake for your clients who are looking for a total landscape designed package.
South Norwalk, CT
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Residential Design
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Learning Outcomes
(1) The basic components of outdoor audio
(2) Material Science- Choosing durable products that will survive the harsh landscape environment
(3) Questions to ask your client when designing Outdoor Audio
(4) Design- Best placement of speakers within a landscape for optimal sound quality
(5) Home Audio 70 volt systems vs. In-field 8ohm audio systems
(6) Designing a system that meets local noise ordnances regulated by decibel reading
Jon Bowman, Bill Albertson
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