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The public and critical recognition of the role of landscape architecture and landscape architects in shaping our shared public realm is growing. However, the cultural value of our shared landscape legacy is often little known or understood, and most arbiters of this legacy (including architecture critics) are often ill-equipped to assess and contextualize it particularly when threats to significant works of landscape architecture arise. The time has come for practitioners to play a key role in expanding this discourse.
This presentation will begin by laying out the challenges and opportunities of this current situation and will conclude with several successful project examples, as selected by Mr. Birnbaum, that meet and exceed his challenge to value history and culture at an equivalent level that is often placed on natural and ecological systems.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Historic Preservation
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1. Strategies for documenting and analyzing historic and cultural values for landscapes will be put forth.
2. Design and management solutions that place a value on historic and cultural fabric will be showcased as examples for inspiration and replication.
3. The idea of holistic stewardship – namely, natural and cultural resources on equal footing will form a foundation for professional practice and a broadened set of ethics.
SPEAKER: Charles Birnbaum, President + CEO – The Cultural Landscape Foundation Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, is president, CEO, and founder of The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF). Prior to TCLF, he spent 15 years as Coordinator, NPS Historic Landscap
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