Restoring the Future in a Rapidly Changing World

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Humans are altering the planet’s ecosystems in ways and in magnitude unthinkable even a few short decades ago. Climate change, habitat fragmentation, and invasive species are rapidly changing species composition and ecosystem functions different from anything we have seen in past or present systems.
While ecosystems are always changing, the rate and pervasiveness of change from multiple environmental and cultural stressors are making us rethink what it means to restore and manage these communities. All landscape interventions we undertake display an underlying set of ethical and moral precepts. Do we embrace an anthropocentric utilitarian paradigm and mix and match biota to fit narrow human objectives or do we follow a biocentric approach and make it a fundamental right for all life forms to exist? Or is there a middle ground? Keith will examine what it means to be regenerative, to think whole systems and to apply a living systems approach in a rapidly changing world. Using case studies, Keith will review climate change adaptation, whole-systems water management, and urban ecology initiatives, among others.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Sustainable Development & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how ecology plays a pivotal role in the health and welfare of human landscapes.
2. Understand how ecology can be applied to projects in a scientific and meaningful way.
3. Learn how to incorporate ecological science into landscape architecture projects.
SPEAKER: Keith Bowers, President – Biohabitats, Inc. For nearly three decades, Keith Bowers has been at the forefront of applied ecology, green infrastructure, and place-based design. As the founder and president of Biohabitats, Keith has built a multid
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