Transcending Constraints to Create Timeless Outdoor Environments

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As landscape architects, we are all versed in key analysis and design principles that must be employed in the creation of outdoor living spaces. However, all too often severe site constraints, client wish-lists, budget concerns, and regulatory controls consume our attention; we “solve” all the issues yet don’t fully succeed in synthesizing constraints, opportunities, and programs to create ageless and graceful resolutions of both big picture and small details. Through several before and after case studies of award-winning residential gardens, Renée Byers will share essential design principles and process strategies she has honed over the years. The presentation will demonstrate practical approaches to manipulating difficult topography to create and enhance outdoor rooms for specific client uses. Renée will discuss approaches to planting design throughout the seasons, in various habitats from sun to shade, woodland to suburban, where plants are regarded as integral and inseparable counterpoints to the built forms of any successful landscape. Attendees will learn project management strategies for bringing the client’s vision to reality while building collaborative relationships with architects, engineers, and contractors, all essential members of the team.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Residential Design
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn grading approaches to manipulate difficult topography and to create functional outdoor rooms.
2. Develop strategies for planting design to achieve environmental and architectural goals with site and maintenance-level appropriate plant materials.
3. Gain an understanding of project management tactics to build collaborative design and contractor teams to construct and maintain successful residential landscapes.
4. Understand methodologies for incorporating customized details that advance the pattern language of landscape design, to solve functional and aesthetic challenges, including lighting, site furnishings, and water features.
SPEAKER: Renée Byers, President – Renée Byers Landscape Architect, PC Renée Byers, ASLA, brings thirty-five years of experience to her residential design practice. Prior to founding her studio in 1998, her work included the site design for corporate he
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