Codify: Computation in Landscape Architecture

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In many ways, computational landscape architecture requires us to evolve intellectually. If we can take a more humble approach to the planet, we’ll find ways not only to surpass our current limits of construction and evolution, but also to bring a rich and evolving ecosystem with us. Computational design, or the convergence of designers’ intuition and computational processes, advances the profession of landscape architecture into the 21st century. From computer-aided design to cutting edge three-dimensional and virtual modeling, computation is essential to modern design methods. This session will be grounded in a history of computation within the discipline of landscape architecture, outline current trends in computation through case studies, and explore future potential for using digital technologies within the discipline of landscape architecture. Mr. Cantrell will illustrate how computation in landscape architecture will embed the complexity of natural ecological systems into our design and planning strategies. The session will be framed by Bradley Cantrell’s recently published book, Codify, as well as through academic research and also practitioners who are currently exploring the concept of computational landscape architecture.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Sustainable Development & Design
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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1. Learn how computational landscape architecture can be used to embed the complexity that exists in natural ecological systems into the design of our own manmade environments.
2. Understand how to use computational landscape architecture to build physical infrastructures and natural landscapes that relate symbiotically with our cities and natural systems.
3. Develop a clear understanding of the history of computation in landscape architecture and create a clear relationship between computation and current working methods in the practice of landscape architecture.
4. Explore the use of computation technology to advance the understanding of landscape systems and materials.
SPEAKER: Bradley Cantrell, Professor & Chair of Landscape Architecture – University of Virginia Bradley Cantrell is a landscape architect and scholar whose work focuses on the role of computation and media in environmental and ecological design. Profess
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