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Ian McHarg championed using ecological analysis and factors to inform planning and design. The Design with Nature mandate has been an integral part of the design process at The Olin Studio since the beginning. Using his vast experience and an array of projects as case studies, Laurie Olin will demonstrate how they have incorporated nature and ecological analysis as a framework for the studio’s design goals. These examples will show how the seminal ideas of McHarg are relevant today and can be adapted to inform effective, creative, and environmentally sound planning and design solutions for a variety of conditions, scales, and typologies. Through an overlay of cultural and natural factors, Olin will challenge us to use ecological knowledge as metaphor and inspiration for invention.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how to use nature and ecological analysis to set a framework for design goals and project solutions.
2. Understand how to apply the work of McHarg and Design with Nature in planning and design solutions on current day projects and sites.
3. Inspire design professionals to use ecological knowledge as metaphor and inspiration for invention particularly through an overlay of cultural and natural factors.
SPEAKER: Laurie Olin, Partner – OLIN Laurie Olin is a distinguished teacher, author, and one of the most renowned landscape architects practicing today. From vision to realization, he has guided many of OLIN’s signature projects, which span the history
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