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This session will address the contemporary practice of landscape architecture in terms of current issues of social and environmental space. Several recent projects will be presented that address these issues and highlight the landscape architect’s role in creating a solution.
Ken Smith will demonstrate, through project experience, how to create public space for social accessibility and inclusion. He will discuss opportunities to create meaningful landscape designs as part of multi-function urban infrastructure projects. The session will also include sustainable landscape designs for storm water detention, treatment, and reuse as well as creating landscapes with native plants that respond to challenging environmental conditions. The work showcased will illustrate the essential role the profession plays in creating landscapes and public spaces that enhance human quality of life.
Atlantic City, NJ
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1. Understand the importance of strategic ideas in guiding the design of complex urban spaces with complex design programs.
2. Understand how to design public space to promote social accessibility and inclusion.
3. Understand the importance of perseverance and team work as design values.
SPEAKER: Ken Smith, Principal – Ken Smith Workshop Ken Smith is one of the best known of a generation of landscape architects equally at home in the worlds of art, architecture, and urbanism. Trained in both design and the fine arts, he explores the rel
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