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What Landscape Architect is not looking for the element of the unexpected…the “WOW” factor in their landscapes? Many fall short of transforming their vision into a lush and imaginative reality. How can we create extraordinary outdoor living spaces and landscapes that invite us in and keep us coming back? How can we achieve four-season experiences? What choices do we make to create landscapes where there is always something taking front stage? And how do we make these landscapes easy to maintain and sustainable for years to come? Finally, how do we translate the necessary design elements for success to all scales of projects?
Sandra Clinton’s painterly approach, extensive plant knowledge, and keen eye for proportion, spatial design, and place making abilities combine in exuberant gardens of all types, shapes, and sizes that highlight the seasonal rhythms of the landscape and nature. With an astute observation of natural landscapes and inspirations from extensive world travels, Sandy will share dramatic examples of landscapes and gardens that she and her firm, Clinton & Associates, have designed and constructed. Many of these examples have served to push the boundaries of landscape architecture and planting design beyond tradition. Gardens Transformed will look at commercial and mixed-use projects, as well as estates and intimate residential garden designs, from broad-brush design principles and process, to intricate details of soil amendments, construction methods, and specific characteristics and combinations of plant materials.
Atlantic City, NJ
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1. Learn planting design methods using mass planting schemes, plants as sculpture in the landscape, layering techniques of planting design, and great combinations of plant palettes.
2. Understand different types of construction materials, planting opportunities, water features, and site lighting that help to enliven urban/retail landscapes and keep people returning.
3. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of site work, soil amendments, and soil preparation prior to planting in order to create sustainable landscapes that thrive.
SPEAKER: Sandra Clinton, President – Clinton & Associates, Landscape Architects Sandra Youssef Clinton is an accomplished landscape architect and horticulturist experienced in mixed-use, retail, commercial, institutional, and private residential design.
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