Serendipity vs. Strategy: The Need for Natives

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The critical shortage of native seed and plants available for restoration, particularly in the context of disaster recovery and resilience projects, is an issue of national significance. This session, moderated by Donna Walcavage, takes a deep dive into native seed and plant availability at national and regional scales and the process to ensure its successful integration on a project site. Using the Greenbelt Native Plant Center as an example, Edward Toth will discuss the producer perspective and getting the right seed/plant to the right place at the right time. As part of this presentation, the topics of banking seed and plant material development will be covered. He will review procurement timing; planting dates; project delays and availability; and specifications. Using a NYC waterfront project as a case study, Sara Morrison will discuss the opportunities and challenges of using native seed and plants on a restoration project. She will review topics to include: short-term establishment, long-term persistence and ecological integration, contract length and phased restoration planting, and the financial implications of this approach. This session will address how we, as landscape architects, can become champions for this issue through our projects.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Learning Outcomes
1. Examine ways that we, as landscape architects, can become champions for this critical issue.
2. Learn why locally adapted seed and plant materials provide the greatest assurance of short-term establishment and long-term persistence.
3. Understand the challenges and successes of procuring native seed and plant materials for resilience projects.
SPEAKERS: Donna Walcavage, Sara Morrison, & Edward Toth Donna Walcavage, Principal – Stantec / Donna Walcavage has focused on the planning and design of public realm spaces across New York City. Streetscapes, urban waterfront redevelopment, bikeway an
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