Critical Concepts for Green Stormwater Infrastructure

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Philadelphia is approaching its 8th year of Green City, Clean Waters, a 25-year commitment to invest $2.4 billion in a citywide mosaic of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). With close to 1,000 stormwater management practices (SMPs) already constructed and maintained in the public realm, the City is leading the way in green stormwater infrastructure. Throughout the City of Philadelphia, rain gardens, tree trenches, planters, and green roofs are revolutionizing the way urbanites experience stormwater management. These living systems are each planned and designed uniquely to the site, maximizing stormwater capture and fitting into the aesthetics and communities within parks, schools, streets, and vacant lands. This talk will review the Philadelphia Water Department’s GSI design and monitoring, analysis, and research. It will explore three critical concepts for designing green stormwater infrastructure: constructability, performance, and longevity. The presenters will discuss lessons learned which have been informed by academic research, hydraulic modeling, and field-based observations by design, construction, monitoring, and maintenance staff.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how to improve design standards and guidelines for better constructability.
2. Learn how to evaluate green stormwater infrastructure performance through monitoring.
3. Learn how to design for longevity, by implementing techniques to reduce erosion and sediment and by evaluating planting designs across seasons and years.
SPEAKERS: Stephen White, Rachel Streit, & Tim Linehan Stephen White, Civil Engineering Supervisor – Philadelphia Water Department / Stephen White is a civil engineering supervisor at the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD). He manages a team of engine
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