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As Ian McHarg showed us in his seminal work Design with Nature, Landscape Architecture and the allied design professions can translate the natural world and its needs to the masses. Similarly, as Landscape Architects develop within the professional world, they must find their own design language to translate their beliefs and philosophies into award-winning projects.
During this session, the panelists will discuss how their personal values towards the landscape, both natural and developed, inform the guiding vision for their own individual firms. Each of the panelists represents a distinct geographical area of our country, with particular challenges and clientele needs. The panelists will share with the attendees the skills they bring to develop their work; their knowledge, experience, and advice; successes and challenges of starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses; and more. The end of the session will be devoted to an interactive question and answer discussion with the panelists and attendees.
Atlantic City, NJ
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
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Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the basics of a landscape architecture practice.
2. Engage in a discussion with professionals related to the code of ethics, acts, laws, and regulations governing the practice of landscape architecture.
3. Learn how to apply learned knowledge of colleagues to attendee’s individual skill sets.
SPEAKERS: Diane Jones Allen, Renée Byers, Sandra Clinton, & Jeffrey Charlesworth Diane Jones Allen, Principal Landscape Architect – DesignJones LLC / Diane Jones Allen, D. Eng., ASLA, PLA, is the Landscape Architecture Program Director for the College
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