Landscape Architecture: Vision and Visibility

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“Landscape architecture is a profession I discovered by chance after college,” wrote Spirn in the introduction to The Language of Landscape. “Despite its scope and significance, it is, in many respects, an invisible profession compared to the related fields of architecture and engineering. If this book inspires others to enter and contribute to this wonderful profession, I will be happy.”
In her address to NJASLA, Spirn will celebrate the strengths of our profession and reflect on lessons from more than four decades’ experience in expanding its scope and reach. Beginning with her experience working with Ian McHarg in practice, on projects such as Woodlands New Community, and the inspiration of his classic book, Design with Nature (1969), Spirn will reflect on the consequences of her decision to write The Granite Garden: Urban Nature and Human Design (1984) for a general as well as professional audience. She will continue with a reflection on lessons learned from the award-winning West Philadelphia Landscape Project, an ongoing action research project that she founded in 1987, which seeks to restore environmental quality and rebuild low-income communities in synergistic ways.
Atlantic City, NJ
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1. Understand how to restore urban natural environments at the same time as rebuilding low-income communities.
2. Understand how the sustainable landscape can be functional, artful, and meaningful.
3. Expand landscape architects’ sphere of work.
SPEAKER: Anne Spirn, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning – MIT Anne Whiston Spirn, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning at MIT, is an award-winning author, scholar, photographer, teacher, and practitioner. Her books include The
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