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NYC has over 1000 playgrounds to care for and keep up-to date. NYC Parks has developed a comprehensive approach to designing playgrounds that incorporates durable, and easy to maintain materials; a high play value; variety; greening; sustainability; resilience; and accessibility. In this presentation, two of NYC Parks’ landscape architects will illustrate with compelling images the key design principles that guide all playground design. They will then do a deep dive into the design of some playgrounds that meet easy maintenance and durability needs but have a high level of accessibility, creativity, and relationship to their unique context.
Atlantic City, NJ
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1. Understand how playground design can incorporate many larger goals, such as: managing climate change impacts, greening, sustainability, and attention to context.
2. Learn through case study examples how creative problem solving can turn challenging site conditions into a design asset.
3. Understand how playground design can go beyond the requirements of the ADA to provide more joy and accommodation for a variety of abilities and ages.
SPEAKERS: Patricia Clark & Nancy Prince Patricia Clark, Landscape Architect & Project Manager – NYC Parks / Patricia Clark, RLA, designs with the belief that playgrounds can be safe spaces for children to let off steam through physical challenges and t
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