The Illumitunity Convergence: Adapt and Thrive in the Lighting Ecosystem

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Dramatic bad news, like the “disruption” of lighting, stands out more than good news because we now consume so much more information faster than ever, and we’re hardwired to be somewhat paranoid. But the mythology of disruption and decline hides the dramatic reality of endless possibilities: “Illumitunity”- the upside of “Illumigeddon.” Illumitunity is about how convergence – of technologies, cultural ideas, and economic models – not disruption, provides the real transformative force that creates change and economic growth. In this fertile ecosystem, opportunities for new ideas, products, business models and partnerships often hid in plain sight, while we are blinded only by our paralysis, fear, and lack of imagination. Discover how we can get beyond the chaos and confusion of the dramatic, and often overwhelming, changes in lighting, energy, and technology and focus on adapting more effectively to change with new tools, perspectives, and predictive models.
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Explore the reasons behind the current rage for “disruption”; how this model has been thoroughly discredited; why a convergence model is much more historically accurate and useful today; and explain the cultural clash between the Silicon Valley device-driven technology mindset and the building and construction mindset that drives the lighting industry.
In-depth analysis on comparative adoption rates of different technologies – lighting and non-lighting; show some surprising discoveries and parallels between historical trends and current ones; show how we usually fail to accurately predict any significant developments; and discuss the implications of this research on product lifetimes, replacement rates, and “future-proofing” strategies.
Discover trends not only in new lighting technology but something much bigger - the convergence of distributed generation, advanced storage, and smart networks that is dramatically changing the energy grid in which lighting and other grid edge solutions will play a key role.
Propose solutions and adaptive business strategies that enable companies to improve their product roadmaps, business cultures, approach to innovation, sustainability, and economic health.
Chris Brown, CEO, Nextgen LightingClifton Stanley Lemon, IESNA, CEO (President, IES San Francisco Section), Clifton Lemon Associates
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