New Media Technologies in Architectural Feature Design

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The practice of lighting design has transformed dramatically since the advent of LED technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A new industry is emerging that combine innovative lighting and fabrication techniques with new types of sensors and self-learning software. The result is architectural centerpieces and interactive "light-art" installations that are being integrated into public and private spaces around the world. A panel of design leaders will discuss methods, technology, and challenges that are commonly faced in the execution of these innovative projects.
Las Vegas, NV
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Explore the current status of new media lighting installations and review prominent examples. How can people find more inspiration and who can they contact for help with their own projects?
Discuss the classes of technologies commonly used to create these installations. Review how LED technology can be used in new and innovative ways to create spectacular works of art.
Review the common challenges associated with creating unique installations. Review how to market these types of projects and who's buying them.
Learn about the exploding market for creative uses of LED technology, and broaden your perceptions of how LED technology is used. See how creative designers are repurposing technology from many disparate fields to work together.
Robert Pope, Founder & CEO, Digital AmbianceSpeaker 2 - Lighting Designer
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