Site Prep: 1-Day Workshop at Eureka Rd (Springfield, VT)

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Workshop Level 1. Up to 16 participants with certified instructors. Open to everyone. $255.
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The entire workshop is at the Springfield site at 459 Eureka Rd, Springfield VT. Set on a 200 acre property of field and forest, this is a fantastic location to learn the craft of dry stone walling. The property includes active farm fields, actively managed forestland, trails, a beaver pond and wetland, and even a waterfall. There are fantastic views in nearly every direction. A truly beautiful Vermont landscape. Actively farmed for over 200 years this property is near the heart of the historic village of Eureka (now gone), which was the first village within the town of Springfield. The site features 1000’s of feet of historic dry stone wall that will begin to be repaired in workshops.

The stone used for the walls is what was gathered right out of the fields. It is a mixture of the local metamorphic ledge along other types brought in by the glaciers long ago. There is a nice mix of shapes from round to irregular with occasional flat ones as well. It is very typical of the stone found throughout much of New England. This workshop will be based in the real world. How to work with the stone you have in the best way possible is a primary focus.

Learn all about the correct set up process for building dry stone walls. This will aid your ability to properly write specifications for your dry stone walling projects as well as evaluate contractors.

This workshop is designed as an add-on to the two day weekend dry stone walling workshop, but can also be taken separately.

You will learn the proper setup for needed for historic art and craft of building stone walls with out mortar.

By taking this workshop you will gain invaluable information on how dry stone walls should be designed, specified, and built.

Participants will be lead through discussions of sourcing and selection stone to use, and preparing the foundation. For the better part of the day, participants will learn from and work along side the instructors setting up batter frames and sorting stone for building.

Knowing how to efficiently build sturdy batter frames and understanding how to use string lines are two of the trickiest aspects for many dry stone wallers.

The focus of the workshop is for participants to understand how to get ready for building a dry stone wall so that the walling can proceed efficiently and correctly. Proper set up is key to a properly built wall that will last for generations. A properly built dry stone wall should last over a hundred years and in many cases will outlast mortared walls. However a poorly built wall may last only a few months. Learning the difference will make a tremendous difference in how you design dry stone walls and select contractors.

Goals for the workshop include:

-How to set up a site for efficient dry stone walling
-How to build and set up batter frames and string lines
-How to prepare a sturdy foundation for dry stone walls
-How to efficiently sort and lay out stone to speed up the building process
-Safe construction practices
Springfield, VT
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Historic Preservation
Residential Design
Rural Landscape
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Learning Outcomes
-Learn about safe construction practices
-Gain an understanding of walling terminology
-Knowledge of sourcing and selection of stone to use, and preparing the foundation.
-Increased ability to properly write specifications for your dry stone walling projects as well as evaluate contractors
-Learn all about the correct set up process for building dry stone walls.
Brian Post (DSWA-GB Certified Master Craftsman & Instructor)
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