Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Tour

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The course is designed to educate the attendee on the historical significance and design choices made specifically for these spaces. It discusses how the space is used by both residents of the local area and tourists alike. By physically walking the space, the attendees are able to relate their usage to that of other visitors to fully assess their wants and needs. This course uses a historical context to define the original goals and objectives of the designers who were first tasked with creating the space. By relating the history of the space to the current time period, the attendees are able to gather ideas on how to create a design geared towards modern needs without sacrificing the history behind the original desire for the space. The course asks the question: how do these historically educational spaces affect the knowledge and health of the visitors. The tour then offers methods landscape architects can employ to design and implement streetscape and park-like design to improve older, more traditionally designed, spaces for the modern era. A portion of the course is directed towards residential landscape architects by educating on traditional garden design to be contrasted with more modern work they may employ at their firms. It will conclude with some time for Q&A at the end.
Washington, DC
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Historic Preservation
Parks & Recreation
Site Planning
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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
-Develop an understanding of the history behind the Martin Luther King Jr. and Franklen D. Roosevelt memorials
-Discuss the demographics of the local residents and tourists who visit these memorials
-Understand the design factors and guidelines followed by the original landscape architects who originally designed the spaces
-Gather ideas for future memorials and dedication spaces to be replicated on future projects around the country
Dennis Nola, ASLA, and a local expert not affiliated with Victor Stanley, Inc.
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