Smart Leadership: Leadership Qualities (RV-PGM142)

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This first segment looks at why leaders need to be able to look beyond the present moment to see an ideal version of the future. This SmartTeam course – which focuses on the third principle, “Inspire a Shared Vision,” will help you learn to communicate your vision clearly and enlist others in making this dream a reality. The following segment covers the last – but in no way least important – practice of exemplary leadership, “Encourage the Heart.” You’ll learn the best ways to recognize the contributions of others and reward those that deserve the appreciation. You’ll take a close look at the theory that high expectations lead to high performance, and why you should set the bar higher as a result. When these positive expectations yield results, leaders then celebrate the values and victories in their organizations.
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Learning Outcomes
Understand the importance of being forward-looking and having a vision.

List the common values that link everyone together Describe how to give life to a vision.

Discuss the need to pay attention to your constituents and be on the lookout for achievements to recognize.

Define the components of effectively celebrating values and victories.
James Kouzes and Barry Posner
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