Smart Leadership: Part 5 - Enable Others to Act (ST-0179)

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In the thousands of cases the course authors studied, they did not encounter a single example of extraordinary achievement that occurred without the active involvement and support of many people. Nor was there a single instance in which one talented person - leader or individual contributor - accounted for most, let alone 100 percent, of the success. Throughout the years, leaders from all professions, from all economic sectors, and from around the globe continue to say, “You can’t do it alone.” Leadership is not a solo act, it’s a team effort. This part of the series will teach you about the importance of fostering collaboration (and the methods for doing so), along with ways to empower and strengthen your team. This is the fifth in a series of SmartTeam courses adopted from the highly respected book, The Leadership Challenge, written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.
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Learning Outcomes
Discuss the benefits of collaboration and encourage this in your workplace

Recognize the value of quality listening

Understand the concept of positive interdependence and norms of reciprocity

Describe face-to-face interactions in this age of technological communication

Define social skills and awareness of these skills in others
James Kouzes and Barry Posner
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