Smart Leadership: Part 4 - Challenge the Process (ST-0178)

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“If you keep your eyes open and periodically actually shut your mouth, and you have the courage to turn the mirror around on yourself, it’s amazing what you can learn and how you can change things.” – Dick Nettell, corporate services executive for the Bank of America

The leaders whose stories we excerpt talk about times when they turned around losing operations, started up new plants, developed new products or services, installed untested procedures, renewed operations threatened with closing, or released the creative spirit trapped inside stifling bureaucratic systems. The personal-best leadership cases were about radical departures from the past, about doing things that had never been done before, about going to places not yet discovered. In many cases, the magnitude of results was in the hundreds of percent. In this SmartTeam course, “Challenge the Process,” you’ll see how leaders understand that change is a constant, and proactive individuals seize the moment and use times of change to create something better than previously thought possible. This is the fourth in a series of courses adopted from the highly respected book, The Leadership Challenge, written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.
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Discuss the importance of viewing change as an opportunity for leadership

Describe the benefits of innovation and new ideas

Recognize value in willingness to experiment and take risks

Assess your own psychological hardiness
James Kouzes and Barry Posner
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