Preservation Philosophy-looking back and looking forward

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The four speakers of this conference session will look back at preservation philosophy and all the related terms (conservation, historic preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, renovation, reconstruction, renovation) coming at it from different viewpoints such as theory, policy, linguistic and cultural constraints, architectural practice, and artistic practice. Using a variety of case studies, the speakers will reframe the notions of those terms, which will help the attendee to compare, contrast, and reconsider preservation philosophy as it applies to new art forms and art media, future practice and implementation, as well as contemporary materials, settings and styles.
Buffalo, NY
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Historic Preservation
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Distinguish between the terms preservation and conservation as they relate to advocacy for the built environment and how they are applied to projects from around the world.

Explain how the "Reversible Monuments" project placed temporary art installations within historic sites that challenged the public by expanding familiar and pre-conceived ideas about a historic building or site, and prompted the viewer to reconsider and reframe the site's history and narratiVe.

Assess the social impacts of graffiti and be able to discuss the philosophical ramifications behind the decision to conserve or remove grafitti, as well as knowing more about the means and methods to conserve or remove grafitti. 

Evaluate how preservation philosophy is changing and how terms, materials, media art forms, and modern building styles fit or do not fit into the changes and how these can aply for the future.
Lonnie Hove
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