GS-02: Future/Forward: Landscapes of Opportunity at the Edge of the Virtual World

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The worlds of technology and design are at a critical point of inflection. As we transition between the information age towards the post-internet era, we find ourselves in the throes of a cultural revolution propelled by the pressures and opportunities presented by an increasingly technological world. As computation spills out of our tablets and cell phones into devices of every kind, our lives have increasingly become a platform themselves, our very heartbeats inflecting the powerful intersection of the digital and physical world, posing a fundamental question:
Looking across the next decade, how will the technologies we design shape our human experience?
In this talk Amazon Principal UX Designer, Ana Pinto da Silva explores the complex, generative landscape of opportunityemerging at intersection of virtual and physical space, offering a consideration of what it means to be truly human in a technological world as we pass the quarter mark of the 21st Century.
Attendees are invited to continue the conversation with Ms. Pinto da Silva immediately following the presentation in the ASLA EXPO.
Philadelphia, PA
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how technologies we design will shape our human experience
2. Learn about the opportunity for partnership between the virtual and physical space
3. Learn about the future of landscape architecture and technology
Ana Pinto da Silva
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