GS-01: Please be Seated: Laurie Olin, FASLA, andSusan Stamberg, In Conversation

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Join world renowned broadcast journalist Susan Stamberg and one of landscape architecture’s visionary designers and educators, Laurie Olin, FASLA, in conversation. Throughout his 40 year, award-winning career Olin has designed some of nation’s most iconic spaces including Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and, the Washington Monument grounds all while educating generations of students and writing on the history and theory of landscape architecture.
Susan Stamberg joined National Public Radio in 1971 and is the first female to anchor a nightly news program. Throughout her 45 plus year career Stamberg has conducted thousands of interviews with some of the world’s most influential artists including James Baldwin, Georgia O’Keefe, Robert Altman, and Dave Brubeck. She has authored multiple books and has been inducted into both the Broadcasting and National Public Radio Halls of Fame.
Generational contemporaries and both Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Stamberg and Olin, through their respective disciplines, have articulated the power of art and design to influence culture and shape communities.
Philadelphia, PA
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1. Learn how Olin's has used art and design to influence culture and communities;
2. Learn about the design process for Bryant Park, Columbus Circle and the Washington Monument Grounds
3. Learn about Olin's vision for the future of landscape architecture
Laurie D.. Olin, FASLA; Susan Stamberg
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