FRI-A02: Listening to the Land: Reflections on Resilient Design from Ground Zero

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The 2017 hurricane season was the first time on record that three Category 4 storms made landfall on U.S. soil. This session reflects on resilient design strategies put to the ultimate test on three recently completed projects in Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.
Philadelphia, PA
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1. Understand the importance of ecological data regarding habitat types, their functions and values, and how that information can be integrated into the design and site planning process. 2. Learn how ecologically sensitive design strategies have fared in recent storms along the Gulf Coast, including the success/failure of each approach, and ideas that could have increased it's resiliency. 3. Learn methods for identifying, preserving, and enhancing the natural landscape features in order to bolster a more resilient defense system from an increasing number of hurricanes and extreme weather events. 4. Understand how an integrated design approach involving multiple disciplines can help to foster a better understanding of key ecological elements to inform site location, sustainable features, and long-term maintenance programs.
Matt Wallace, Affil. ASLA, AIA; Larry Lewis, LEED AP; William T.. Arterburn, FASLA; ;
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