2018 Ignite! with Gunilla Girardo from Twomentor

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Landscape Architects, and all associated professionals
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2018 Ignite! A growth and gathering event.
We all need an energy boost sometimes to get back on track with realizing our dreams and goals and help others realizing their potential too. With Gunilla’s contagious passion for helping people and companies succeed, she will show us how to build our own strategic plans for success to have the most impact for ourselves and those that we serve—which is all about how you lead yourself and MENTOR others. In this very interactive session, we will also celebrate our respective proud moments of accomplishments and the living legacies we are creating and how we MENTOR the next generation to have an even bigger impact.
Chicago, IL
Distance Learning
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Business Practices / Contracts / HR
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
- Understanding business strategies by utilizing mentorship and understanding networking among all generation within a business
- Utilizing interactive techniques during the session to understand strategic plans, celebrate accomplishments, identify opportunities or difficulties, and aid in business mentorship
- Understanding the divide or unity between generations and how to make skills and abilities work for your business and retain those employees
- Understanding personal strengths and finding out where to utilize them within the business structure
Gunilla Girardo Senior Advisor, Twomentor, LLC Director – Scandinavian Desk, YER USA Executive Recruiting
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