Nordic Life in Urban Spaces

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Team Vestre is delighted to invite landscape architects, architects, urban designers, planners,
leaders, placemakers, and anyone else with an interest in the built environment to an
evening of inspiration and hygge.
Meet Ashley Conn who is a driving force behind the transformation of Oslo city center as the
city is preparing to go car-free. Jennifer Nitzky will share more about her new
study “Lifelong Play”.
The theme “Nordic Life in Urban Spaces” highlights our vision for a more democratic, human friendly, colorful and sustainable urban development.
We strongly believe that great design, along with great architecture and landscape architecture, can bring people together across cultural, social and economic differences. It’s what we think about as democratic design. We also believe in investing in public spaces. By 2050, we will be 9 billion people on the planet, and 70 % will live in big cities. In this urban world, we need more sense of community and belonging, not less. How we can make that happen is by creating attractive public spaces that are accessible to
everyone. Places where people meet, share experiences, life stories, ideas and get to know each other. It’s what we think about as social design. And we also believe that every human being, and every company, no matter how small or big they are, actually can make a change in the world. By understanding their impact on the surroundings, by making the right choices and acting responsibly. It’s what think about as green design. “Allemannsretten” is a Norwegian expression that means public access rights. The right of public access is a common good, and a part of our cultural heritage. It gives people the right to use outlying land, regardless of who owns the land. The right of public access has also marked the development of urban areas in Norway. “Allemannsretten” is one of the reasons that you hardly ever find closed-off parks or hostile architecture in Norway.
New York, NY
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1. Car-free cities – opportunities and challenges related to moving cars out of the city. The Norwegian capital city Oslo will become car-free in a few years and has the commitment from local politicians to realize this ambition. The first steps have been taken and ASLA members will learn about the challenges and opportunities related to moving cars out of the city and create new green zones. This topic is highly relevant to discussions in a number of U.S. cities that are experimenting with ways to reduce car traffic in certain zones.
2. Democratic design – the creation of social meeting places in cities. ALSA members will learn how the broad right of public access in Norway hasmark ed the development of urban areas. This includes the redevelopment of the complete waterfront of Oslo. In spite of large parts of the waterfront being privately owned, there has been a strong focus on developing spaces for people who are not of direct commercial interest to the owners. We will discuss the positive results of this for people and the city.
3. Learn how play is an important component of human health and development, regardless of age.
4.Gain insight into the role of play in community building and increasing quality of life and examine how “playful communities” are “healthy communities”.
Ashley Conn, Jennifer Nitzky, Jan Vestre, Sondre Lerche
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