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In his talk, Rome in America, Mark Robbins will explore the long history of Rome as a fundamental component of architectural and design pedagogy, and the place of the American Academy in Rome within that tradition.

The American Academy in Rome, founded in 1894 as the American School of Architecture and fused with the American School of Classical Studies the following year, now houses eleven disciplinary fields in an increasingly international community. The Academy provides a unique setting for the intersection of artistic and scholarly practices. Citing references drawn from the AAR, Robbins will discuss the impact of collaborative, interdisciplinary work for practitioners of both the arts and humanities. More broadly, he will address the relationship between the discursive and non-discursive enterprise of scholars and artists.
Fayetteville, AR
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Audience members will learn the history of Rome as a wellspring for invention in all fields of the arts and humanities, and its history within architectural design pedagogy in particular.

Audience members will learn about the model of an architectural education abroad through the history and present of the American Academy in Rome.

Audience members will begin to investigate the resonances and distinctions between the discursive and non-discursive enterprise of scholars and artists, and how an environment that promotes both can be beneficial to their development as architects and designers. The Academy sets up the conditions for these complementary practices to respond to one another, leading to expansive and generative collaborations.

Audience members will be inspired to pursue their own design educations abroad at the University of Arkansas’s Rome Center as a result of the example and precedent of the American Academy in Rome.
Mark Robbins
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