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The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is a 124-year-old settlement house widely recognized as one of New York’s premier human services providers. The organization helps improve the lives of thousands of people in need each year, ages 3 to 103.

With partial funding from the NYC DEP Green Infrastructure Grant Program, Highview Creations installed two extensive green roofs on the 6th floor and an intensive agricultural green roof on the third floor. Additionally, Highview Creations designed and installed a playscape on the second floor that includes a native sensory garden, reading nest, water-wall, and other interactive features that help to develop creativity, physical confidence, and interaction for the children who utilize the space. The rooftop spaces are used for educational programming and grow food used in the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House kitchen.
Brooklyn, NY
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Agriculture / Local Food Production
Development Trends
Green Roofs
Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Housing & Community Design
Residential Design
Urban Planning & Design
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
- Learn about the benefits accrued by the green roofs in the neighbourhood
- Understand urban agricultural practices by exploring the agricultural green roof
- Understand the biophilic elements present in the playscape and the mental health benefits that can be gained from them
- Understand the educational opportunities present on the green roofs
Eric Dalski, Founder & Partner, Highview Creations
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