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Perennial Garden Design with Affection, and Planting Through Self Discovery

Join acclaimed designer and plantsman Roy Diblik for a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in garden design and to be inspired by nearly four decades of his design experience and extensive plant background. During this full-day workshop, Mr. Diblik will share the importance of affection in the design process; the beauty of self-discovery in coming to know plants and creating intimate plant communities; and the joy of caring for perennial plantings.
Boylston, MA
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Attendees will explore 16 plants and the value of coming to known them in detail, including their growth rate, growth habits, and other characteristics that contribute to successful placement in communities and to their seasonal and yearly developmental associations with each other.
Attendees will learn the importance of mindful inputs based on the garden's selected plant patterns within the overall plant community and their evolving relationships from year to year.
Attendees will be guided through layout patterns, which will then be evaluated based on their stewardship needs from the first year to the fifth year.
Attendees will learn about the consideration of gardening practices vs landscaping practices, weighing the relative benefits of health-and-beauty over neat-and-tidy.
Attendees will learn about the merits of a plant driven culture that raises the level of beauty while recognizing the value of responsible water use, biodiversity expansion, habitat creation, and good soil stewardship.
Roy Diblik, Northwind Perennial Farm
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