Restoration Project Management

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Class attendees will be introduced to restoration-relevant project management concepts in order to plan and implement more successful and cost effective ecological restoration projects.

Considerations of project management like identifying project needs and stakeholders and researching sites, as well as creating project schedules and budgets will be discussed. Class attendees will also be introduced to important resources for restoration practitioners to refer to as they manage restoration projects.

Case studies and a project scenario in the afternoon will provide attendees with the opportunity to apply the topics discussed earlier in the day. Class attendees will leave able to describe important steps in the project management process and better aware of resources and information to apply to their own projects.
Seattle, WA
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Horticulture / Plants
Parks & Recreation
Project Management
Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Attendees will be able to…
1. Begin the process of critical thinking for restoration projects, know where to look for resources, tools and permit requirements. Attendees will be prompt to create contingency plans and make room for flexibility.
2. Create a simple budget, a timeline that could be presented to funders, agency partners and potential clients.
3. Create measurable goals and be able to understand the importance of monitoring to measure success.
Brenda Clifton, Skagit River Systems Co-op, Ashley 'Grizz' Gould, King Co. Dept. of Natural Resources & Parks, Rachael West, EarthCorps
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