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1) Implementation of the citizen-led 2017 Denver Green Roof Ordinance
The grassroots effort that led to the Denver Green Roof Initiated Ordinance 300 received enough signatures to be a ballot issue on the November 2017 City of Denver, Colorado, USA, election. It was passed by voters in a political landslide despite a lack of support among the majority of elected leaders and a well-funded opposition. The ordinance was based on Toronto’s policy, but added existing buildings at time of expansion and/or reroof, as a solution to Denver’s UHI (ranked 3rd worst in the US) and air quality (ranked 11th worst in the US). Upon the January 1, 2018 enactment date of the initiative, a 20 member Task Force was convened by the City of Denver made up of local stakeholders including prominent real estate representatives, community organizations, environmental groups, representatives of key city departments and others, including the authors. Task force members have a deadline of June 2018 to forward a recommendation to the Denver City Council for vote on the complex adoption of the ordinance. This unique citizen-led approach to green roof policy affords many examples and lessons that may be of use to green infrastructure advocates.

2) Cooking up a Green Roof Requirement
Cooking up a Green Roof Requirement in the Kitchen of Planning, Politics, and Tenacity For more than 20 years, Portland has encouraged and even offered incentives for green roofs, but they have never been required. That is about to change. In 2018, the Portland City Council will vote to adopt the 2035 Central City Plan (CC2035), and part of this comprehensive plan is a requirement for green roofs in Portland’s central city. This presentation will describe how Portland reached this critical juncture, and it will provide lessons others can use as they consider a green roof requirement in their municipality. Process and How we got Here The CC2035 six-year planning process provided a vehicle to propose a green roof requirement. Green roofs are one way to meet CC2035’s environmental and human health goals. As in other jurisdictions, Portland used an existing planning process to propose a requirement. Requirements are unpopular, especially among elected and other government officials. Providing decision makers with unbiased and respected data and information is essential to gain their support. It takes time to adopt a green roof requirement, but that time gives officials, the development community, and residents a chance to learn about green roofs and appreciate them. Note: Portland City Council will vote to adopt the green roof requirement in spring, 2018. Although council’s approval is anticipated, it is not a certainty, so I will tailor my presentation depending on how the vote goes. Also, my presentation will differ from Mindy Brooks’ presentation at 2017 Cities Alive. I will discuss the process used to get the requirement before City Council and the lessons we learned along the way, whereas Mindy covered the specifics of the requirement itself.
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Learning Outcomes
1) • Understand the process and background of the Denver Green Roof Ordinance
• Observe the complex process of adoption involved with citizen-led green infrastructure policy
• Evaluate the outcomes of the Denver Green Roof Ordinance stakeholder task force

2) • Learn how Portland and other jurisdictions have successfully adopted green roof requirements
• Be able to apply these lessons learned to their own jurisdictions
• Be inspired to pursue green roof requirements in their jurisdiction
1) Jennifer Bousselot - Colorado State UniversityAndy Creath - Green Roofs of ColoradoBrandon Rietheimer - Denver Green Roof Initiative2) Amy Chomowicz - Green Roof Information Think-tank
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