Session 2 // Green Infrastructure in New York City: Case Studies and Local Expertise

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1) Title: NYC’s Green Infrastructure Research & Development Project – Monitoring Strategy and Protocols
This presentation will describe the monitoring strategy and protocols developed as part of NYC DEP’s Green Infrastructure Research and Development Project to support the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan as well as the City’s strategy to reduce stormwater runoff generated from separately-sewered areas. One of the primary efforts of the project is to conduct monitoring on a series of parameters that have yet to be fully understood to assess GI performance over time. This work includes laboratory and field experiments, and analysis of the data collected to develop a better understanding of the factors affecting performance and provide guidance to support long-term implementation of green infrastructure (GI). The research is based on scientific methods and is accompanied by a data transmission and storage plan that facilitates efficient analysis, interpretation, reporting, and associated adaptive management. This project addresses the goals of regulatory compliance, optimization, certainty of future performance and O&M needs, and data accessibility. This presentation will describe the process that used to integrate DEP’s goals and research targets with a list of experiments that address the geophysical realities of GI implementation such as spatial variability in land use, topography, drainage patterns and subgrade infrastructure, as well as soil and geologic characteristics.

2) Title: Framework for a Performance-Based Green Roof Incentive Program in New York City
Cities around the world have implemented incentive programs or adopted legislation to support the construction of green roofs. These efforts are an important part of achieving a reduction in stormwater runoff from building rooftops, which account for a sizable portion of dense urban areas. To date, most incentive programs offer a one-time grant, rebate, or tax break for green roofs, with a requirement to cover a minimum area or percentage of the rooftop area. Generally, the incentive amount is a flat rate per square area of green roof, independent of green roof depth or other design features. This study addresses the need to develop an incentive framework that accounts for differences in green roof performance and maximizes incentive cost effectiveness. The framework for such an incentive was developed in three steps: (1) model green roof performance for a range of configurations, (2) develop cost benefit curves for each configuration and benefit type, and (3) calculate relative performance factors (RPFs) to compare an aggregate of benefits between roof configurations. The RPFs can be used in a number of ways; for example, to help establish reimbursement rates for each configuration or determine eligibility for flat rate incentives.

3) Title: The New York City Green Roof Researchers Alliance: A Case of Cross Disciplinary Collaboration
Urban green roofs mitigate stormwater runoff, clean and cool the air, reduce energy use and the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, and provide habitat for insects, birds and bats. Despite these benefits, less than one percent of buildings in New York City are covered in green roof vegetation. The lack of development of green roofs in New York City is partially due to outdated policy, insufficient educational curriculum, and limited knowledge of where green roofs currently exist. Furthermore, as a new field of study, we are only beginning to understand basic green roof ecology and environmental function. To change the statu
New York City, NY
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Learning Outcomes
1) • Learn about NYC's GI Monitoring Program
• Learn about NYC's Green Infrastructure Program
• Learn about monitoring strategies and experiment methodologies

2) • Learn about green roof modeled performance and cost analysis
• Learn about NYC's Green Roof Incentives Program
• Learn about NYC's Green Infrastructure Program

3) • What are the environmental and wildlife benefits of green roofs?
• What are the environmental and wildlife benefits of green roofs?
• Understanding the ecology of the Jacob K. Javits Center green roof
1) John McLaughlin - New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP)Miki Urisaka - NYC DEPValentina Paiva Acosta - Water Resources Engineer, Arcadis2) Tyler Carson - ArcadisMelissa Enoch - NYC DEP3) Dustin Partridge - NYC Audubon
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