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1) Title: Green Roofs, Wind and Fire
The ANSI/SPRI RP-14 and VF-1 design standards for wind and fire on vegetated roofing systems provide a guide for the safe design of green roofing systems. These standards are widely used by manufacturers and municipalities. The design community will benefit from a better understanding of these guides and how they can be interpreted. This presentation will provide an overview and will focus on taking the audience through the standards to show what steps are taken to effectively design green roofs and meet the standards. Q&A will be fielded after each standard has been presented. This presentation will be applicable to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

2) Title: Considerations For Rooftop Space Conversions in New York City
Having occupiable terraces or roof spaces in New York City was never really addressed in the zoning resolutions or building codes and were permitted through a determination by the Commissioner. Due to the recent popularity in converting setbacks and roofs into usuable spaces, the city has questioned the legality of such spaces. This presentation will provide insight into this evolving issue as well as requirements to make these spaces legal and safe

3) Title: Integrating Solar and Vegetated Green Roofs: a Swiss Army Knife of Public and Private Benefits
Rooftop solar PV systems and green rooftop gardens are two green building technologies that have experienced a rise in popularity in recent years. Not necessarily competitors for space, they can actually boost each other's performance resulting in even greater cost savings. Solar green roofs (systems that combines solar electric PV and vegetated green roofs) come packed with a host of benefits - both structural and financial - for building owners. The vegetated green roof system protects roof membranes from UV degradation and weathering, thermally insulates to reduce cooling costs, manages stormwater, and creates a nature-filled amenity space to boost property values. Meanwhile, the solar PV system not only produces year-round electricity, but receives up to a 16% summer time boost in production efficiency from the cooling effect of the plants. This presentation will introduce the basics of integrated solar green roof technology. We will show you how to assess to what extent a solar green roof can enhance your building, and teach you how to quantify these various financial benefits to assess their actual value and payback period. Finally, we will discuss the financial incentives available to support New Yorkers in getting such a system off the ground...and onto your roof
New York City, NY
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Learning Outcomes
1) • What are the VF-1 & RP-14 standards?
• Who is using the standards and how?
• Where can you learn more?

2) • Better understand feasibility issues in converting unoccupied roofs into occupiable spaces
• Better understand roof assembly design considerations for occupied roof assemblies
• Better understand occupancy restrictions and egress requirements for occupied roof spaces

3) • Recognize that vegetated green roofs are actually highly-engineered systems, comprised of multiple unique layers of high-performance materials, each being the product of decades of iteration and continuous improvement
• Identify and quantify the primary benefits of planted Green Roofs that make them lucrative investments for developers, property managers, building owners and operators
• Debunk the idea that planted Green Roofs and Rooftop Solar PV systems must compete for rooftop space
• Understand how integrated Solar Green Roofs can produce up to 16% more electricity than standard Rooftop Solar PV systems
• Be aware of the various financial incentives currently available in NYC for Solar Green Roofs
1) Chris Brunner, New York Green Roofs2) Kenrick Hartman, WJE Engineers and Architects / Ben Koenig, Gensler / Steve Kouvaros, Gensler3) Alan Burchell, Urbanstrong LLC
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