Inland Wetland Restoration (RV-10171)

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Design professionals are often expected to understand the fundamentals of wetland creation and restoration. Today numerous projects are coupled with wetland creation or restoration permitting conditions. Fulfilling these conditions is no easy task, given that a project must meet certain criteria for success—for instance, a 75% success rate for plantings after two or three growing seasons. Further, the disquieting fact is that more than 50% of created or restored wetlands nationwide fail within a few years. New wetlands may be subject to massive plant die-off, invasions by unintended or non-native plants and insects, or are planted with incorrect species (usually as the result of poor monitoring during initial construction). Other factors can impact them as well.

This interactive online course covers the basic parameters required for all successful inland wetland creation. It introduces a sample report of a proposed restoration project, and discusses how to approach a problem site. Finally, it wraps up with a look at the obvious pitfalls and the critical tools necessary to design a successful wetland.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Discuss the basic wetland components that underlay the science
•Define basic wetland principles
•Recognize the defining characteristics of the different types of wetlands
•List design considerations
•Describe the track record of wetland creation over the last three decades
•Discuss regulatory considerations
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