Green Streets (RV-10222)

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Can you design and execute a "green" street project? A green street is an integral part of the “green infrastructure” within an urban community. How expert are you in stormwater management, mitigation of urban heat island effect and improvement of urban air quality?

This interactive online course gives you the concept of green street design to remedy the social, environmental, and safety issues associated with standard street design. You'll learn how to design green streets to:
•Reduce the amount of water that is collected and piped directly to streams and rivers
•Ensure the street has the least impact on the surrounding environment
•Help ensure the safety of the pedestrian or bicyclist on the street
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Understand the fundamental principles of green street design
•Comprehend the importance of environmental stewardship of a community
•Recognize the different types of green street details that professionals can incorporate into their urban transportation corridors
•Discuss how functional transportation design and sound environmental stewardship can work in concert at a neighborhood level to create healthy communities
•Utilize green street design concepts to achieve sustainability through stormwater management and low impact development
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