Green Design: Sustainability and Historic Preservation (RV-10274)

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Do you think of historic preservation when you think of sustainability? You should. Reuse and rehabilitate existing buildings as part of your overall sustainability goals. You’ll save money, generate revenue, and make beautiful, long-lasting investments in the future.

This interactive online course illustrates the metrics commonly applied to sustainable design but with an eye towards the reuse of buildings individually and in commercial and residential districts. In particular, we will show you how to read the built environment and pick out the precedents that led to contemporary practices like transit-oriented design, new urbanism, and smart growth.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Explain the principles of Stewardship of the Built Environment
•Define the social, environmental, and economic factors that contribute to the sustainability of preserving and reusing existing buildings
•Describe the sustainable aspects of existing buildings, neighborhoods, and commercial districts
•Differentiate between the oversight processes that govern “historic,” older, and existing buildings
•Discuss the smart growth opportunities afforded through the reuse and rehabilitation of existing buildings
•Identify sources for incentives that are available to promote historic preservation of historic and older buildings
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