Building for Senior Living: Programming and Planning Guidelines for Facilities Part 1 (RV-10629)

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This is the first of two courses on programming and planning guidelines for senior living facilities. The senior living industry has expanded and diversified to address demographic change. This course provides an overview of the major issues involved in the planning, design, and development of specialized environments for this new group of aging Americans. Specifically, these two courses describe the issues associated with each of the 10 major building types within the general framework of design for aging.

In Part 1, you will be introduced to all 10 building types, and we will take a detailed look at the first four, including Community Based Options, Geriatric Outpatient Clinics, Adult Day Care, and Long-Term Care. The remaining six building types will be looked at in Part 2.

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Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
•Describe the various conditions that drive the modern development of senior care living facilities
•Identify and describe the 10 senior care living facility building types and their properties
•Select the elements for a Geriatric Outpatient Clinic that help ensure safety and welfare of the residents
•Recall and identify the services that are outlined to provide a safe area for adult day care programs
•Explain how adjunct services expand the scope of wellness programs
•Identify the features of long-term and short-term programs that are designed to improve the health and welfare of the residents
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