Swimming Pools: Introduction to Aquatic Design & Construction (RV-6401)

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Most architects, landscape architects, civil and mechanical engineers, construction managers, general contractors and their clients only have infrequent encounters with projects containing swimming pools or other aquatic features. College undergraduate and graduate level studies rarely address the subject of swimming pools at all. As a result, most designers and builders have never had to develop the necessary resources in-house for design and construction, and have sometimes relied upon less than reliable sources of information during their project programming.

This 2-hour online course will provide the design team members with an overview of the specialized language of pools, and an improved understanding of the problems encountered in aquatic design. Later courses in this series will develop design criteria, coordination issues, and construction methods. This initial course is intended to expand the knowledge-base for non-aquatic designers and improve their communications with aquatics specialists who only occasionally join the rest of the design team.
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Residential Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Describe pool classifications and mechanical, structural, and equipment terms.
• List the authorities that regulate codes.
• Explain the configurations, systems, and components of pool circulation systems.
• Illustrate the essentials of pool layout and dimensions.
• Describe pool construction materials.
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