Swimming Pools: Coordination of Architects & Pool Design Professionals (RV-6797)

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Whether for recreation, training, or therapy, swimming pools can have a multitude of designs. No matter how large or small, how complex or simple, the construction of the swimming pool will entail:
•Civil design, grading, drainage, parking and utility extension
•Mechanical designs for heater venting, waste water discharge, and sometimes heating and air conditioning for a natatorium
•Safe ventilation of mechanical spaces
•Landscape construction for planters, lighting, decking, walkways, fencing and irrigation
•Structural designs for supporting foundations including piers
•Geotechnical concerns for soil stabilization and high water table
•Architectural designs for restrooms, concessions, offices and support buildings and ADA access to the site

This 1-hour online course considers how the construction of swimming pool and aquatic features involves almost all the other building trades on the architectural/engineering design team; therefore, it is essential that the design team members know how to coordinate their own plans, lest “holes” develop in the construction documents.
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Learning Outcomes
After completing this course, you will be able to:
•Explain the importance of architectural/engineering design team coordination in the construction of swimming pools and aquatic features.
•Describe coordination requirements regarding accessibility, pool dimension, and pool finishes.
•Explain the coordination requirements regarding user types, pool function, humidity, and corrosion resistance.
•List the coordination requirements regarding play features, restrooms, fixtures, dressing facilities, pump rooms, and decking.
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