Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Workshop

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“The major problems of the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think.” — Gregory Bateson

Patterns are the language of life, our original mother tongue. They are our window into the workings of living systems. Seeing with this natural perspective to understand our place and the places we live reveals where and how we can contribute to growing their health and regeneration.

Those seeking to inspire and improve their lives through nature and experience the world in transformational ways, including designers, artists, environmental leaders and others, will benefit from Learning the Language of Life: A Regenerative Workshop. At this immersive event participants will engage with the southwestern Pennsylvania forest landscape and experience a new level of mindfulness while connecting and engaging with others.

Appropriate for all abilities, the workshop will interweave concepts of permaculture and regenerative design, the power of living systems, working with patterns and much more, with each interactive session filled with breakthrough discoveries, insights and renewal. Exercises exploring the patterns in our bodies, our breath, the landscape and our minds will take participants through techniques of verbal and non-verbal dialog, movement and silent observation, teaching visceral ways to experience how living systems work and how to take our most effective places within them.

The workshop will be led by Joel Glanzberg, a renowned permaculturalist, tracker and systems thinker who will guide participants’ use of techniques to explore the patterns in bodies, breath, landscape, society and minds, personally guiding participants to master new tools and visceral ways to re-enter nature’s mind, remove barriers and advance opportunities, from the personal to professional and planetary. Learning the Language of Life is a collaborative partnership between Phipps and 7group, a consultation group that regularly offers learning experiences aimed toward deepening the interconnections of humans as an integral part of our living world. 7group partners will be participants in the event, assisting Joel to deliver portions of the program content.
Pittsburgh, PA
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1. Understanding and learning to read the basic patterns that all living systems follow including the pattern of ecological succession.

2. Learning to see the patterns of life behind the "tracks" they leave...Reading geological processes from the landscape features, reading the successional stage of organizations or ecosystems...

3. Discerning the strategic places to intervene in systems to enable them to develop beyond their current "problems" or roadblocks. Like elegant design solutions, these opportunities for finding the least change for the greatest effects are simple ways to upgrade whole systems and are often the difference between thriving and struggling projects, firms, or neighborhoods.

4. Developing personal practices for enabling continued personal and professional development. Throughout the class several practices will be explored. We will work on the benefits of developing habits through daily practices and design those each finds useful for continuing at work and home.
Joel Glanzberg and 7group
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