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Whether you are a lake manager or a lake resident, an ecologist or an engineer, this popular two-day course is for you. From small ponds to large lakes, drinking water reservoirs to fishing lakes, if you want your lake and watershed management efforts to be successful you need a technically sound foundation. This course will give you the training needed to properly investigate and diagnose lake quality problems and to develop and implement cost-effective, restoration measures.

Recently redesigned and updated, this course will teach you how to evaluate what is needed to properly protect, manage and restore your pond, lake or reservoir. Professionals will guide you through the benefits and pitfalls of all of the most commonly implemented lake and pond management measures. The new, interactive nature of the course will provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss the specific issues and problems impacting the condition of their waterbody. The course also provides for "hands-on" problem solving and the in-class application of the featured course topics.

Topics to be addressed during this course include:

Overview of Ecology of Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs
Water Quality Monitoring
Identification of Invasive Aquatic Weeds and Nuisance Algae
IPM Strategies – Proper Selection and Use of Algaecide and Herbicides
IPM Strategies – Physical and Biological Non-Algaecide/Herbicide Techniques

Silt and Erosion Problem Solving
Design of Aeration System
Implementation of a Dredging Project
Aquascaping, Shoreline Stabilization and Lakeside Buffers
Maximizing Your Recreational Fishery
Management Strategies for Controlling Canada Geese
Interactive Group Problem Solving
Hillsborough, NJ
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Horticulture / Plants
Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Gain an understanding of the technology and training needed to properly protect, manage and restore bodies of water.
Learn about commonly implemented lake and pond management measures, and the various benefits and pitfalls of each.
Explore the ecologies of lakes, ponds and reservoirs, including an investigation into invasive species and the various challenges that each present.
Dr. Stephen J. Souza
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