The New Landscape Declaration

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Invited guests of the Michigan State University's 120th LAnniversary Ceremony
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The New Landscape Declaration calls on landscape architects to work to strengthen and diversify our global capacity as a profession. With a line-up of panelists who demonstrate how landscape architects play an instrumental role in reshaping society and prioritize equity and inclusion in their work, the goal of the evening will be to move the discussion beyond firm metrics and hiring practices to advance the conversation by building the business case for diversity, illustrating how a focus on equity and inclusion result in more robust spaces. Learn more about the New Landscape Declaration, LAF's call to action for landscape architects and built environment professionals. After speaking about the work of LAF, Barbara Deutsch will pose the question, “what role can landscape architects play in solving the defining issues of our time?” and present the New Landscape Declaration and the issues that it brings up for the future of landscape architecture.
East Lansing, MI
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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1. Learn how leading landscape architects propose tackling the global problems of today and the future.
2. Reflect on the four calls to action in the New Landscape Declaration
3. Explore ideas for how this ambitious vision can be put into action.
Barbara Deutsch
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