Garden Dialogues 2018: Denver, CO

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Open to landscape architecture professionals, allied designers, and the general public.
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Located on the South Platte River in downtown Denver, the Marisco Campus of the Children’s Museum of Denver includes Joy Park, a dynamic landscape that encourages children and their caregivers to explore and learn about their environment. The park is traversed by a meandering “river” that serves as a metaphor to connect art, science, and experience with ecology, conservation, and sustainability.

Opened in 2015, Joy Park was carefully sculpted from a mound of fill. The park’s 25-foot-high hillside is traversed by a lightning-bolt walkway, accessible to all. An ensemble of robust, physically active experiences inspired by Colorado’s unique landscape offers a year-round destination for experimental play, movement, action, imagination, and risk-taking. Collaborating with the museum’s educators and exhibit designers, the landscape architects crafted sand dunes, boulders, a peak, slot canyons, seeps, a zip line, and a fruit orchard—all part of a new campus where caregivers and children are the priority. The landscape was designed with resiliency at the forefront—impervious areas are minimized, and porous paving is integrated with bio-engineered landscapes and extensive native plantings.

Guests will have the rare opportunity to tour the campus with Mike Yankovich, the museum’s executive director, Jonathan Goldstein, the main exhibit designer, and landscape architect Tina Bishop. The tour will include discussions about design collaboration and behind-the-scenes stories about the making of this exciting new landscape. Mr. Yankovich will also provide a rare look at Adventure Forest, the museum’s newest exhibit, created by artist Wes Sam-Bruce and set at the edge of Joy Park. The tour will conclude with breakfast on the museum’s terrace overlooking the park. Guests can remain after the tour to experience the thrill of the museum and Joy Park for children and their caregivers.
Denver, CO
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Horticulture / Plants
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how successful landscape architects collaborate with their clients to identify and meet their needs.
2. Learn about the design process for developing the landscape and the planting plan.
3. Learn about appropriate plant selection for landscapes in this region and zone.
Jonathan Goldstein, the main exhibit designer, and landscape architect Tina Bishop
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