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Join us for a private, curated experience that only Longwood Gardens can offer through their lens of beauty and innovation. Stroll through the grand Conservatory and surrounding gardens with esteemed landscape architects and thought leaders who will provide perspectives on how they’re working with Longwood to create a world apart experience, never-before shared with the public.

Guests will arrive via the Music Room, an entry reserved only for Longwood’s most important guests. Upon arrival guests will be greeted by Longwood’s Senior Executive Staff led by Paul B. Redman, President & Chief Executive Officer. In addition, select Longwood design professional partners will be present to interact and welcome guests.

Following remarks guests will be invited to stroll through and experience the 5-acre garden under glass on their own at their own pace. The landscape architects and architects (Kim Wilkie, Isabel Green and Marion & Michael Weiss) will be stationed in their respective areas to interact with our guests. Large illustrative boards will be placed in each site with historical images (where appropriate) and the original design illustrations of the spaces. The West Conservatory complex will have illustrative boards positioned in approximate locations with views of the future conservatory and administrative complex. This will be an exclusive and private showing of the future conservatory complex.

Music and food will be an important part of the conservatory experience. The 10,010-pipe Aeolian Organ in the Ballroom will be playing, and we will have small quartets positioned in strategic locations. Food stations will be placed throughout the conservatories.

Midday, guests will be ushered to the Main Fountain Garden Overlook to observe a 12-minute choreographed fountain show. Following the show guests will make their way to the Pump House Museum where a private lunch will be held.

Following lunch guests will be invited to tour the tunnels.
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1. Learn about Longwood’s master plan philosophy of “Awakening the Sleeping Beauty” from Adriaan Geuze of West 8.

2. Learn about the efforts of incorporating a state-of-the-art infrastructure to the fountains from Jim Garland (founder of a water feature design and engineering firm), and about Longwood’s unique standing in the world as one of the greatest water gardens in the world.

3. Learn about Longwood’s role as an exemplar of design creativity and sustainability within a legacy landscape from Kim Wilkie. Learn about how Wilkie designed the entry plaza to the Conservatory that respects the existing conditions of the Gardens, while also creating a sweeping arc of a south-facing, terraced landform, that offers a view of the Gardens that no one had experienced before: the landform rises up, allowing guests to see south over the Gardens from the apex. Also hear how Wilkie originated the concept of domed restroom pods coming off an underground corridor for Longwood. The corridor has a glass roof and is lined with a living green wall of more than 47,000 ferns and sub-tropical plants.

4. Learn about the transformative moment of the Main Fountain Garden Project from Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, whose work redefines the relationship between landscape, architecture, infrastructure, and art. Learn about a two-story pump house that was built to handle all the fountain systems, with underground access tunnels for ease of maintenance and accessibility to the equipment. Every aspect of this project was carefully considered keeping in mind the stewardship of this historic Garden. Key components of the restoration include the management of storm water, the controlling of water consumption, and the use of geothermal energy.
Paul B. Redman and Longwood’s Senior Executive Staff, Adriaan Geuze, Kim Wilkie, Isabelle Greene; and Marion & Michael Weiss
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