2018 Season's End Summit

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As designers we aspire to create remarkable landscapes for our clients and for ourselves, landscapes primarily measured in terms of visual, ecological, and functional appeal. Yet all of our senses are engaged as we experience the space and weigh the merits of the landscapes we enter. With planning, a sensory garden can deliver elements that involve all of the senses and ultimately deepen our connections with the space.

In a culture dominated by technology, landscape designers have a unique opportunity to provide a rich experience for clients so that once disconnected from work, screen, headphones, and device, they can enjoy a multi-faceted garden that engages all of the senses and reconnects the soul.

ELA invites you to slow down for one day to contemplate a sensory-inspired journey into landscape design. Join us for ELA’s 9th annual Season’s End Summit as we explore sensory design elements, not just for specialty gardens but for every garden. Challenge the status quo, learn new approaches, reconnect with colleagues, and get inspired to embrace sensory dimensions in your next designs.
North Grafton, MA
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Residential Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Attendees will learn about plants that will add sensory elements to the landscape.
Attendees will learn plant placement techniques for greatest sensory impact.
Attendees will learn variety of techniques for incorporating sound into the landscape.
Attendees will learn ways to create sensory landscapes that have appeal across the ages.
Tovah Martin, designer/author; Trevor Smith, Land Escapes; Ellen Sousa, designer/garden coach/author.
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