Outdoor Recreation Grants Available in Indiana Through DNR and Relationship to Nature

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With current trends of economic growth and development on the rise, the role of Landscape Architects to guide planning and design decisions with our natural resources in mind is more vital than ever. As many communities are trying to obtain funding in order to build or improve recreational facilities/opportunities for residents, being aware of how grant writing can add to their list of skills. Specifically, being aware of all of the currently available federal grants and how to apply for them is a necessary skill. This session will provide a brief overview on how the available recreation themed federal grants can be used and incorporated into projects and master plans.

Speaker Bio:
Bob Bronson has a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Recreation from the University of Nebraska. He has worked for the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Outdoor Recreation for 28 years. He is currently the Chief of the State and Community Outdoor Recreation Planning Section. The section administers state and federal outdoor recreation grant programs along with other responsibilities such as helping complete the state trails plan and the statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation plan as well as 5 Year Park and Recreation Plans. He is active within the state Indiana Park and Recreation Association (IPRA), having chaired and continues to be a member of the Natural Resources, Trails and Greenways section within IPRA. Bob is a bike commuter and enjoys hiking, bicycling, backpacking, rafting, camping and traveling in his own recreation time. Bob appreciates the opportunity to be able to partner with local entities to help create outdoor recreation opportunities around the state.
Indianapolis, IN
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Parks & Recreation
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Learning Outcomes
1) Inform LA’s what is available in grants through DNR relating to outdoor recreation and the natural world
2) Learn about the grant application process and award time lines
3) Learn about eligibility for available grant funds.
Bob Bronson
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